Who Are We?
Some Religious Members of APREL

APREL is a private Association in Australia, of Bishops, priests, religious and lay faithful who co-operate to promote and support Consecrated Religious Life in the Church.
We seek to do all in complete fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church and in harmony with Her holy vision for the Religious Life.

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The APREL Bulletin is sent to all members once a year. It provides insightful material regarding Religious Life today and current issues in the Church. Email or write to us to SUBSCRIBE ($15 per four issues/ $10 for seniors and students).

Bishop Columba
Principal Patrons: Most Rev Bishop K. Manning DD 
& Most Rev Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green OSPPE 
President: Sister Mary Augustine O.P.
Vice. President: Father Christopher Sharah F.S.F.
Treasurer: APREL helpers and Sister Mary Clare

Editor: Sister Mary Augustine O.P.

Why Was APREL Formed?
The growing trend towards secularisation amongst religious, and the consequent falling off in recruits to religious communities, signalled a need for Catholics from all sectors of Church life to combine their resources in defence of this vocation which is so central to the life of the Church.

APREL came into existence in May 1983 because its founding members saw Religious Life in Australia as imperilled and in need of true renewal and reform. 

This need has now become critical. Religious Life is seriously endangered across the length and breadth of Australia.

The Members of APREL seek to promote authentic Religious Life by prayer, education and witness all of which are directed to making the vocation to Religious Life known more clearly, appreciated more deeply and embraced more faithfully.

"The august Pontiff has many times indicated
 the vocational issue 
as the fundamental problem of the Church". 
(Church Document "Vocational Pastoral Ministry" n.2)

Where Do You Find Us?

APREL members are spread throughout Australia. Some religious communities hold membership as Communities. Individual religious also belong, as do some diocesan priests and various members of the laity - young and old from many different walks of life.
Some Bishops hold membership - and a number have enrolled their Dioceses in the Association.

Go to MEMBERS for information on APREL Membership.

"Young people are not deceived: 
when they come to you,
 they want to see what they do not see elsewhere ..." 
("Vita Consecrata" n.109)

"The call to holiness ... can be cultivated 
only in the silence of adoration 
before the infinite transcendence of God." 
(Vita Consecrata" n.38)

"(religious) bear splendid and striking testimony 
that the world cannot be transformed 
and offered to God 
without the spirit of the beatitudes ..." 
("Lumen Gentium" n.31)